Free printable Super Bowl LII activities, games crafts for kids

Super Bowl LII Sunday rolls around Feb 4, 2018. Is Super Bowl a national holiday at your house? If you can't make it to Arizona, here are Super Bowl party activities to celebrate at home. Check out free printable Super Bowl coloring pages, games, word puzzles and crafts. There are team logo crafts, football helmet insignia, football trivia and more. Use to entertain the kiddies so you can enjoy the game. Or use them for decorations, table decor or half-time party games. There are even some educational activities to learn more about football.
TSL Books has free printable football lesson plans and Super Bowl math worksheets. Activities are based on football plays, player averages and statistics. How cool is that? Connect football and the Super Bowl with the classroom. Kids are learning while they enjoy the game. There are even some football and Super Bowl history lessons.
Edupics has an awesome collection of printable football coloring pages.There are coloring pages of other sports too. You could use these for any sports-themed birthday party. Or they would work for tailgate parties, too. Are you a New England Patriots fan or are you Team Seattle Seahawks? Look for coloring pages of your team.
DL-TK is a learning website for kids. There are scads of Super Bowl Sunday crafts, games, educational activities, coloring pages to print. Check out the awesome football themed printables, too. Look for Super Bowl games, word puzzles, word search, crossword and fill-in-the-blank. Use for half-time activities with adults.
Teach lessons using football as a theme. The Teacher's Corner has free printable Super Bowl lesson plans and football worksheets. Football can be used to teach physics, statistics, math, graphing, reading charts and diagrams, and more. Sports make excellent mathematics applications.

To keep kids productively occupied as you prepare for your Super Bowl festivities, put them to work coloring and making crafts to decorate for your party. Coloring pages can be used as placemats and drink coasters. Make banners in your team's colors. Enjoy your Super Bowl XLIX Sunday!

Free printable Thanksgiving games, activities, crafts, coloring pages

How about free printable Thanksgiving games and paper crafts to keep little ones busy during holiday preparations? Children will love coloring and making Thanksgiving party decorations, invitations, greeting cards, games, table decor, placemats and more with these printouts. Print 3D turkeys, Native American Indians crafts, pilgrims, pumpkins, harvest cornucopias--all the traditional holiday themes. These are perfect for preschool and elementary social studies crafts too. Free printable Thanksgiving holiday activities, crafts, coloring pages, cards

Labor Day games for kids with American history lesson plans

Looking for Labor Day party games and crafts for kids? Here are U.S. history activities and educational patriotic party games. Use these for Memorial Day, 4th of July parties and American history lesson plans, too. Don't make games too competitive so everyone can have fun without pressure to win.

Labor Day Scavenger Hunt: List 20 American themed symbols: flag, scroll for Declaration of Independence, statue of Liberty, elephant, donkey, bald eagle, bell, stars, globe, penny, nickel, dime, quarter, star stickers. Collect items that represent American products: wheat, corn, cars, cattle, fruit. Collect logos of American companies. List 50 items to symbolize each of the fifty states. Put one of each symbol per child in a zippered bag. Hide them around the yard. Give each player a list and a plastic bag. As child finds each, he takes one and puts in his bag. Or put a piece of paper near each for him to sign his name as he finds the item. You could also do this with occupations, using symbols for jobs. 

Red, White and Blue Rover. Give each player a job title and divide players in two groups. Each group links hands and takes turns calling for one person from the other side to try to break through the chain. For example: "Red Rover, Red Rover, let the postal worker come over." For Memorial Day or 4th of July, give each player the name of one of the 13 colonies: Delaware, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, North and South Carolina, New York, Georgia, Virginia, New Jersey. New Hampshire and Maryland. For Veterans Day, use various armed services or military titles. 

Labor Day eraser tag. Divide into two teams. Assign a kid on each team job titles: two teachers, factory workers, etc. Kids place one of their shoes in the center of the circle. When their job is called, both children with title rush to grab their shoes and return to their lines without the other tagging. Award points like this: two points for getting your shoe back home without getting tagged. Three points if you get your opponent's shoe. One point if you tag your opponent before she's safe behind the line. 10 points if you get both shoes. Lose 5 points if you grab the wrong shoe!  For Memorial Day or Veterans Day, make two sets of signs with the six branches of the United States armed services: Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard and National Guard.

Labor Day charades. Write job titles on slips of paper and give to players. Choose active jobs like cashier, server, farmer. Each acts out the work performed. Students works in teams to act out and guess what job is being enacted.For 4th of July or Memorial Day, use names of famous Americans, events, movies, books in history. 

For more educational activities, visit my blogs DIY HomeschoolFree Lesson Plans 4U, Preschool Child Activities and Free Printable Holiday.

Free printable Valentines Day games, valentine crafts, puzzles, activities

Valentine's Day on Feb. 14, usually means a party, candy and cards for
children, So how about some free printable Valentine's Day 
coloring pages, cut and
paste, games, lessons, puzzles and
activities? Here are some websites to check out for free Valentine's Day 
printables. Use in school or homeschool. Tie in with your
regular curriculum.
Heart is a one stop site in itself. You'll 
free printable Valentine puzzles, games, crypto-grams, candy heart spelling
pages, valentine grammar, valentine counting, math, sorting, matching,
concentration and bingo, valentine lined writing paper, comprehension,
printable booklets, file folder games, puzzles connect-the-dots and so much
more. Teaching Heart is always adding more as well, so be sure to explore this
Coloring Book Fun is a comprehensive source of coloring pages
indexed and cross-referenced for ease of use. There are 100s of links for
coloring pages on favorite characters like Hello Kitty, Scooby Doo, and lots
more. Just about any character that your students or children may like is
listed here. There are links to just about any holiday or event that you might
want in a separate list as well. There is no site fee and most of the pages
appear directly from their icons without the use of Adobe or PDF. We explored
this link recently when our youngest was home for a week with bronchitis.
Disney Family has gobs of free valentine printables.
this website features really nice images of the
crafts and well-detailed instructions. Look for free
prinable Disney character crafts: Frozen, Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Toy
Story, Pixar--print crafts of all your favorites. You'll love the
learning-themed Valentine's Day activities as much as the cute crafts.

out these links for all your valentine fun and learning!

Free printable Advent calendar crafts, Advent wreaths, Christmas crafts

Advent is the Catholic Christian season leading up to Christmas. For four weeks, before Christmas, Catholics practice Advent values prayer, fasting and almsgiving. Each week focuses on hope, expectation and joy. Here are free printable advent calendars for kids to make, to guide Christmas devotions. Free printable Catholic Christian Advent calendars, Advent wreaths, Christmas crafts

Free Printable Halloween Mazes, Puzzles, Games for Trick-or-Treat

Here are free printable Halloween games and crafts for all ages. Use school classrooms, homeschool or scout troop. Use with old folks in nursing homes or anyone who needs some Halloween printables.

Count down the days to Trick or Treat with dozens of free printable Halloween activities, coloring pages and crafts from Making Print free craft projects for all sorts themes. Making Friends has a really holiday activities, coloring pages, cut and paste, paper dolls, Trick or treat wrappers, worksheets, Halloween puzzles and mazes. Print word searches, crossword puzzles and word games, perfect for Halloween language arts lessons. Print Halloween card games, flash cards, dioramas, masks and pumpkin carving patterns and stencils.

Here free printable Halloween lesson plans, worksheets, games, coloring pages, activities and puzzles. Use for Trick or Treat themed math, reading, writing, literature, science, language, social studies and crafts. All Free Printables has free Halloween crafts, greeting cards, party invitations, decorations, cut-outs, coloring pages, masks, party invitations, name tags, treat bags, pumpkin cut-outs, book marks, picture frames and lots more. 

Puzzlemaker lets you create templates for printable Halloween worksheets, 
puzzles, mazes, jigsaws, dot to dot, Soduku, crosswords and activities galore.

Print Activities is another mega site for all your school and family activity printing needs. Look for units, printable worksheets and lessons focused around Halloween and trick-or-treat. Disney Family offers a plethora of free printable Halloween Disney activities, crafts and coloring pages. Coolest Holiday Parties has free printable Halloween party supplies. You'll find cards, invitations, treat and punch bowl printables, banners, place cards, name tags, wall hangings for a ghoulish party.

Preschool party activities for kids: Kids crafts, birthday party games for kids

I love party-planning, especially preschool party activities for kids . Early childhood age children are pretty easy to please and you don't have to spend much to put on a great birthday party! Why take kids to restaurant or expensive birthday party venue when you can plan preschool party activities for kids cheaper yourself? Here are easy kids crafts and birthday party games for kids for preschool party activities kids will love!  Preschool party activities for kids: Kids crafts, birthday party games for kids |

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