Free Pritnable Ramadan Activities, Islamic Instruction for Children

 For Muslims, Ramadan is holy season marked by prayer, fasting and abstinence. Ramadan, in the Islamic calendar is a month-long observance, falling roughly in the month of August, but earlier in 2014. Ramadan ends with Lesser Eid, or Eid al Fitr, on July 28, 2014. Here are free printable activities, including games, puzzles, crafts, worksheets, duas (prayers)Free Ramadan Activities and Islamic Faith Instruction for Children

Free Printable Educational Card Games and Board Games

Card games and board games are an excellent teaching tool. They're are interactive and hands-on. Children practice many skills when playing card or board games. They learn to count, add, subtract, prioritize, plan, organize, sort, coordinate and evaluate. Card games can be created to teach content area and subject matter and help students memorize information. I remember teaching and homeschooling before Internet and computers. I made dozens of card games for students. That's pretty labor intensive, With the Internet we have access to free printable activities to use as lesson plans. This saves time and money. Simply print, laminate and cut apart. Here are links for free printable card games.

The Kidz Page There are free printable word games, math games, sudoku games and lots of other educational learning games. They are brightly colored, cheerful games.
Planet Pals has a free printable animal matching card game. You can play this game as a regular card game also, finding pairs and sets.
Print Games has several cute card games. Some are styled on vintage card games. There are board games to print also. These make excellent family games and party games.
Mom's Minivan has a great assortment of free printable travel and car games. There are bingo games, Battleships games, matching games, cootie catchers, connect the dot games and more.
Mom's View has a nice assortment of educational games, math, geometry matching and more. There are free printable game tokens, playing pieces and dice.

Altogether there are 100+  free printable games for classroom, homeschool or family fun. Follow instructions carefully to be sure you print the right number of game sheets. Making printable games has the added benefit of being a craft project for kids. I recommend you print a paper copy of the cards, game pieces and game boards. Then use copier to print the game onto card stock. Laminate the entire sheet before you cut out the pieces. Save printing ink by setting printer preferences to economy and black and white setting. Have kids color games--now you have cut and paste craft, coloring activity and game! Better and better!
For more free printable activities, visit my blog Free Coloring Pages 4u.
For free printable lesson plans visit me at . Happy printing!

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