Reasons Why Not to Have DSL

5 Reasons Why You Don't Need DSL Whimsical but relevant overview of DSL. Why would we not want to remain in medieval times with our dial-up? I cannot think... View more »

Medieval Time Travel Guide

What to Do If You Are Warped into WoW, Runescape or other Medieval MMORPG So, you're a World of Warcraft gamer? Well, then you really need to read this! An overly cautious historian with a vivid imagination offers up to the minute practical advice for anyone inadvertently or purposely traveling through time, especially to the middle ages. View more »

Video Game Addict Self-Help Quiz

Video Gaming Addict Quiz with Self-Help Options A light-hearted look at video game addiction: what it looks like, symptoms, and self-help options. My gaming guilty pleasure was Cash Cow 2 on Webkinz. When my daughter outgrew hers, I had to buy myself one so's I could still play. I note this post has very few page views. I guess readers are afraid they might see themselves? View more »

Free Printable Batman Dark Knight Activities

Free Printable Dark Knight Batman Coloring Pages Websites with over 100 free printable Batman The Dark Knight coloring pages to print and color. Some retro Batman DC comics, original Batman coloring pages from the old cartoon, plus coloring pages from the many Batman movies. View more »

Free Printable Anime Coloring Pages, Manga Games

Free Printable Sailor Moon Coloring Pages Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon is a Japanese anime manga cartoon. Read on for links to hundreds of free printable Sailor Moon coloring pages. You can print as many Sailor Moon coloring pages as you want free! printable Sailor Moon coloring pages

Free Printable Disney Bolt Games

Free Printable Bolt Coloring Pages Disney's Bolt is a funky new full-length cartoon. Bolt is a cute little dog who plays a superhero on TV and thinks that he's a superhero in real life. This wasn't my favorite cartoon (not a Miley Cyrus fan) but I did love the John Travolta voice-over.Here are 20+ coloring pages featuring Bolt and his pals Penny, Mittens and Rhino.  View more »

Free Printable Igor Games, Crafts Activities

Free Printable Igor Coloring Pages MGM's Igor didn't do as well as I thought it should have. But that's often the case with me and cartoons. What everyone else raves about leaves me cold (UP, Lion King) whereas, I usually love the underdog cartoons.  Igor is not the typical hunchback servant of an evil scientist. Igor is a very cool, lovable guy who aspires to be a good scientist. Enjoy these free printable Igor coloring pages. I love the tagline "All men are not created evil." View more »

Free Educational Games Websites

Free Educational Websites Educational websites offering free materials. Free safe games for kids! Easy and safe internet fun! Great for day care, parents, teachers, kids! Safe online activities for kids to explore! View more »

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