Free Printable Car Games, Activities, Puzzles

Are we there yet? This has to be the most oft-asked question from kids on car trips or vacations. When these questions start, it can make for a very long, tedious ride. That's why smart parents plan ahead in order to circumvent the complaints on car trips. Games make good boredom-busters and whining-stoppers. Here are free printable car games to stave off ennui and keep kids happily occupied on road trips. Free Printable Car Games, Activities, Puzzles

How Facebook dulls kids' communication skills

Kids and computers--this can be a really unhealthy combination, especially with social networks. Setting aside the cyberbullying and vulnerability concerns (and those are bad enough), excessive social interaction desensitizes children and adolescents. It dulls their face-to-face communication. It impinges on their ability to form real-life relationships.

I know, it's fun. I enjoy Facebook too. But digital interaction is a thing which should be enjoyed only in small quantities. It should never replace real-time social interaction. Virtual interaction is fraught with pitfalls (trumped up drama, stalking, emotional blackmail, to name a few). I don't say these things don't happen face-to-face, but they're easier to spot and avoid. Call me reactionary or out-of-touch, excessive Facebook is a dangerous and unhealthy. Read about more at  How Facebook dulls kids' communication skills

Free Printable Business Lessons, Marketing Games from The Apprentice

Multibillionaire Donald Trump has worn different hats. Most recently, as host of his NBC reality RPG/ survivor TV show, The Apprentice, Trump wears an unlikely hat as educator. Marketing, business and economics instructors show NBC's The Apprentice in class. In an elimination style competition with tasks set for them, participants compete to earn the title of apprentice to Donald Trump. On The Apprentice, Trump takes contestants one by one into 'the board room' to rake over, ream out and occasionally applaud their performance on marketing tasks. Despite Trump's lurid pumpkin-orange comb-over, Apprentice contestants hang on his every word, gambling on a chance to make a splash in business. Read more at  Donald Trump's 'The Apprentice' in Business Marketing Classroom with Free Lesson Plans

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