Free Printable Coraline Games: Neil Gaiman, Tim Burton

Free Printable Coraline Coloring Pages Neil Gaiman's novel Coraline is sheer bliss for readers of dark, outre fiction. Tim Burton's movie version of Coraline perfectly illustrates this animated story of metaphysical terror. Here are free printable coloring pages from Coraline. Read More

Free Printable Advent Crafts, Games, Puzzles

Free Printable Advent Crafts, Activities Advent is the 4-week period of preparation before Christmas, in the Catholic faith. It begins on the 4th Sunday before Christmas, usually in late November or early December. For four weeks, we Christians prepare our hearts for the coming (Advent) of Jesus. Here are free printable Advent crafts, coloring pages, puzzles, games, printable Advent calendars, Advent wreaths and activities to celebrate the season. Read More

Free Printable Math Games, Math Tutorials, Online Math Help

Websites for Free Math Help Several websites that offer free online math help, free printable lessons and worksheets. Here are links for online calculator tools and internet math games. Lessons include basic math, fractions, decimals, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus and more. Good sites for students, teachers, parents and homeschoolers. Lots of games and interactive tools for making math fun. Shh! Don't tell your kids that they are learning while they play! Free printable math activities, too. Read More

Free Printable Christmas Games and Online Holiday Gaming

Free Printable Christmas Party Games Free printable Christmas games and puzzles make great group party activities, fun for children, party icebreakers and traditional Christmas party crowd pleasers. Here are five free, safe game sites to print off Christmas games. Read More

Free Printable Where the Wild Things Are Games

Free Printable Where the Wild Things Are Games, Coloring Pages and Activities Where the Wild Things Are movie premiered October 16, 2009. Based on Maurice Sendak's beloved childrens' book, the movie 'wildly' popular, too. Need free printable coloring, games, activities and lesson plans from Where the Wild Things Are Here are coloring pages and free literature games and reading games from the WTWTA book and movie. Read More

Free Printable PBS Zoom Games, Activities, Science Recipes

Free Printable Science Activities and Recipes from PBS ZOOM The purpose of PBS's ZOOM television show was to make learning fun. ZOOM featured kid-friendly hands-on science projects using common household objects. Here are free printable activities from the ZOOM episodes. Great engineering games and science simulation activities. Many recipes for clay, paint, glue, foam and other neat wacky stuff. Click for fun...

Free Printable Diary of a Wimpy Kid Activities

Free Printable Diary of a Wimpy Kid Activities. Free stuff from Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series, movies. Diary of a Wimpy Kid, by Jeff Kinney, is Greg Heffley's personal journal of life as a middle school kid. This four book series is fabulously popular with elementary and middle school students. You can read the whole book 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' online free at Poptropica. Here are directions to do so and also links for other free Diary of a Wimpy Kid stuff! Read on

Free Online Math Games, Preschool Games, Elementary Games

Free Educational Games, Internet Math Games Websites
We as teachers are always searching to make learning in general more hands-on, student-friendly and interactive. Math is an especially challenging subject. Here are free, safe internet math gaming sites. Play and learn! read more

Free Printable UP Games, Coloring Pages

Free Printable UP Coloring Activities Disney Pixar's new movie 'Up' is a big hit! I wasn't crazy about the movie. Too sad. But it was honored at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival as first animated film to open the festival. Check out these free printable UP coloring pages, free UP games from the movie. Click here

Free Printable G-Force Games

Gadgets. Gizmos. Guinea Pigs. G-Force! You are gonna love the new Disney Pixar movie G-Force! What's not to love about these furry, funny critters? After you've seen the movie, you can enjoy free printable G Force coloring pages and games with Agent Darwin, Juarez, Speckles and all the G Force team! Read on

Free Printable Super Mario Bros Coloring Pages

Nintendo Mario Brothers and Super Mario Bros and Mario Kart video games have been around for decades. From the early Nintendo 64 game platforms to the Play Station 3 and Nintendo DS of today, Mario Bros and Super Mario games have mushroomed (pardon the pun) into an international icon for video game play. Japanese anime style characters Mario the plumber and his brother Luigi the pizza guy battle in odd little scenarios. Want free printable Super Mario Bros coloring pages? Read more

Free Printable Princess and the Frog Games

Free Printable Princess and the Frog Coloring Pages Disney is finally giving us a new princess: Tiana, a southern belle, in 'The Frog and the Prince', opens December 11, 2009. To keep eager Disney princess fans busy, here are some free printable Tiana coloring pages. Click here

Free Printable Disney Princess and the Frog Coloring Pages

Free Printable Princess and the Frog Coloring Pages
Disney is finally giving a new princess: Tiana, a southern belle, in 'The Frog and the Prince', opens December 11, 2009. To keep eager Disney princess fans busy, here are some free printable Tiana coloring pages. Click here

Free Printable Build a Bear Activities, Build a Bearville Games

Free Printable Build a Bear Workshop Activities
Free activities to print at Build-a-Bear: coloring pages, greeting cards, thank-you cards, party invitations, birthday cards, post cards, awards, certificates, holiday activities, cut-outs, cut and paste and more. click here

Free Printable Jane and the Dragon Games, Pete's Dragon, How to Train Your Dragon and Dragon Tales activities

Free Printable Jane and the Dragon Activities Jane and the Dragon, a production of the WETA Workshop in New Zealand, is a charming story about Jane Turnkey, a young maiden living in 9th century England. Visit the website for lots of fun with Jane and the Dragon! Coloring, games and more internet fun! I suggest using these with "How to Train Your Dragon" activities and Disney "Brave" activities also found on this site. Read on

Free Series of Unfortunate Events Game Download

Free Printable Series of Unfortunate Events Activities Love Lemony Snicket and The Series of Unfortunate Events? Explore these websites for free printable activities based upon the adventures of the Baudelaire children. Games, puzzles, coloring even free PC game download. Read on

Free Printable Transformers Coloring Activities

Free Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Coloring Pages As a teacher, in 1985 I well remember Transformers: cars that transformed into robots. Earlier ones convertible vehicles were called Gobots (made by Tonka). The movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen opens this summer. Here are free printable Transformer coloring pages: new and original images. Color good guy Autobots Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Blackout and bad guy Decepticons Megatron, Frenzy and others. Read on

Free Printable Barbie Games, Coloring Pages, Crafts

Free Printable Barbie Coloring Pages Barbie, Mariposa, Fairytopia, Mermaidia, Princess and the Pauper, Island Princess, Barbie Diaries, Rapunzel, Swan Lake and all your Barbie friends! Free printable activities and internet fun! Coloring pages, crafts, word games and more. For a 50-plus year old gal, Barbie sure keeps busy! click here

Free School Approved Games, Educational Game Websites

Free Educational School Approved Gaming Websites and Poptropica offer math, science, reading and grammar games that students, teachers and parents will love!Fun, safe online gaming. These sites are teacher approved and school approved for ages toddler though elementary. Kids use them in school activities. click here...

Free Disney Club Penguin Games

Free Printable Club Penguin Coloring Pages Why do we love penguins so much? Is it because they are cute and chubby? Whatever the reason, Disney has whipped up penguin fun at Club Penguin. Collectible penguins, online gaming and free printable coloring activities. Click here

Free Printable Disney UP Activities

Free Printable UP Games Disney Pixar's full-length cartoon Up is going where no cartoon has gone before. See Up in 3D at selected theaters May 29, 2009, Up is the first cartoon to open the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. Visit the website for games and activities from UP. Read on

Free Printable Disney Story Books, reading books

Free Printable Personalized Disney Story books Imagine free printable Disney story books! Now imagine free printable personalized Disney story books starring your child! What a great way to practice reading: stories about Disney friends and you! Read on

Free Printable Earth Day Games

Free Printable Earth Day Activities! Earth Day brings our minds to protecting and preserving our great earth. Green games,activities help us practice earth-friendly habits. Use these activities to explore ways to renew, reuse and recycle. Read more...

Free Printable Disney Princess Games and Coloring Activities

Free Printable Disney Princess Coloring Pages Free printable Disney princess coloring pages. Color Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, Jasmine from Aladdin, Mulan and Tinkerbell. Indulge your inner princess! Read on

Free Printable Harry Potter Coloring Pages

Free Printable Harry Potter Coloring Pages I've magicked up some Hogwarts fun for Harry Potter fans and wizards in training. Free printable Harry Potter book and movie coloring pages. Earn your wand and broomstick with these activities! Read more

Free Printable Activities Websites- Games, Crafts and More!

Looking for free safe printable games and activities? Then be sure to bookmark these free sites for new daily activities! Games, crafts, coloring pages, puzzles, online activities, cut and paste, party games and much much more! Read more...

Free Printable Simpsons Coloring Pages

Free Printable Simpsons Coloring Pages The Simpsons television show is a national phenomenon! Homer and Marge Simpson and their children Maggie, Lisa and Bart Simpson are household names. Here are free printable Simpsons coloring pages! Safe and user-friendly. Simpsons coloring pages

Free Printable Family Guy Coloring Pages

Free Printable Family Guy Coloring Pages Family Guy is a huge cartoon and movie favorite with teens and adults. Family Guy focuses on Peter, Lois, Meg, Chris and Stewie Griffin, and Brian Griffin the dog. Here are free printable Family Guy coloring pages and activities. printable Family Guy games

School Approved Games Sites for Toddlers to Elementary Age Kids

Free safe school approved computer game sites for kids ages 5-11. Fun, interactive internet game websites. Safe to play on. No chat, software downloads, toolbars, user ID, passwords. Requires shockwave and flash player for gaming. Read more for safe game sites...

60+ Free Safe Community Resources

60 FREE (or Cheap) Community Resources Here is a plethora of community resources for everyone and anyone to explore and enjoy, from A (Airport) to Z (zoological gardens). With my frugal Dutch Grannie as my muse we will give you the deluxetour for the economy price! Weblinks provided too! Read more...

Free Printable Valentine Games and Activities

Here's something to celebrate this Valentine's Day: Free printable valentine activities, crafts, coloring pages, lesson plans, games, puzzles and more! free printable valentine stuff

Free Printable High School Musical Coloring Pages

22 free printable High School Musical 3 Senior Year coloring pages! Troy and Gabriella, Zac Efron, Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens all your HSM 3 friends! Free, easy, safe! High School Musical printables

Free Printable Tale of Despereaux Coloring Pages

The Tale of Despereaux. Adorable story of a gallant little mouse with over-sized ears and heart! Great medieval style graphics. Tiny hero with a big heart. What's not to love? If you loved the movie The Tale of Despereaux, and I sure did, then you will want to check out these free printable activities and coloring pages. And you will want to visit Despereaux at his own very cool website. How? free printable Tale of Despereaux games

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