Free Printable Epiphany Activities and Games

Epiphany, Twelfth Night or Three Kings Day is the major gift-giving holiday in many countries. Epiphany is celebrated on January 6. Here are free printable games, crafts and activities for Epiphany. Read on

Free Printable Christmas Games, Free Online Games

Picture this: the Christmas presents have all been opened, Christmas dinner is nicely settling and just when adults are relaxing, the kids want to play. Now is time to weave a little holiday magic with free printable Christmas puzzles and word games! Read on

Free Printable Tangled Coloring Pages, Games, Activities

Watching the previews for the newest Disney princess movie Tangled tells me that this isn't going to be your average boy meets girl, fall in love' Disney cartoon. Looking for free printable Disney 'Tangled' coloring pages. games and activities? Read on

Free Printable Voyage of the Dawn Treader Games

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is the third book in The Chronicles of Narnia. It is now a movie and follows The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and Prince Caspian. Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy Pevensie and their cousin Eustace Scrub visit Narnia to travel to the Lone Islands on the Dawn Treader. They meet a dragon, rescue lost lords. Drinian, Rince , Reepicheep and other talking creatures help them. Here are free printable Chronicles of Narnia coloring pages, games, puzzles and mazes, plus free online video games. Read on

Free Printable Bible Mazes, Puzzles, Word Search, Crossword

Free Printable Christmas Bible Story Puzzles, Word Search, Mazes
Looking for free printable Christmas lesson plans for your home school or Christian school? Here are dozens of free printable activities that focus on the real meaning of Christmas. Coloring, mazes, word search, puzzles and lesson plans. Read More

Free Printable Educational Games Websites

Free Printable Educational Games from Museums Around the World Are you looking for free interactive, educational online activities for children? I've just found a website with over 140 free online games, printable activities, crafts and activities. Activities cover all different cultures, events and periods is history. Read More

Free Printable Halloween Games, Activities, Crafts

Free Printable Halloween Games for All Ages Websites with free printable  Halloween activities for your classroom, party or just for fun. Printables for all ages. Games, puzzles, activities, cut-outs, masks, and lots more free fun.
Read More

Free Catholic All Saints Day Party Games

Catholic All Saints Day Party Games Catholics celebrate All Saints Day on November 1, following All Hallow's Eve, or Halloween. Families and churches seeking alternatives to Halloween celebrate All Saints Eve parties. Here are games to play for your All Saints Day or Eve party. Read More

Free Printable Halloween Games, Party Activities

Free Printable Halloween Word Games, Word Search, Word Scrambles and Puzzles Little ones look forward to Halloween, but so do big kids. Got some big kids that need activities to keep them busy till trick-or-treat? Here are free printable Halloween and trick-or-treat word puzzles, games and word searches. These make great reading games and vocabulary boosters. Educational too! Read More

Free Printable Power Wheels, Rescue Heroes, GeoTrax, imaginext Coloring Pages

Free Printable Fisher-Price Power Wheels, Rescue Heroes, Imaginext, GeoTrax Toys Coloring Pages
Fisher Price has been making toys for infants, toddlers and children since 1930. Fisher-Price offers free printable coloring pages featuring their toys. Here are free printable Rescue Heroes, GeoTrax, Power Wheels and imaginext toys coloring pages. Read More

Free Printable Halloween Mazes, Puzzle Games

Free Printable Halloween and Trick or Treat Mazes Mazes are puzzles in which the player must follow a path, usually with his pencil, through a complicated pattern. Mazes are great fun and make great lessons to practice eye-hand coordination. Here are free printable Halloween and trick or treat mazes. Read More

Free Printable Halloween Games, Trick or Treat Games, Crafts

Free Printable Halloween Games, Trick or Treat Games Looking for some interactive, educational games for Halloween and Trick-or-Treat? How about free printable cut and paste Halloween games that children can make themselves? Perfect for classroom, homeschool, preschool and Halloween parties. Read More

Free Printable Monsters Vs. Aliens Coloring Pages for Halloween

Free Printable Monsters Vs Aliens Coloring Activities Free Printable Monsters vs. Aliens coloring pages for characters including Doctor Cockroach Ph.D, the fifty foot woman Ginormica, B.O.B. (Bicarbonate Ostylezene Benzoate), the Missing Link, Insectosaurus and friends. Read More

Pickleball is New National Game Craze

Pickleball is Healthy, Active Racquet Ball Sport for Seniors and Everyone Pickleball: isn't that a cute name? But pickleball is also a serious sport developed for seniors, but fun for people of all ages. Pickleball combines the coordination of tennis and racquet ball with the low impact net games of ping pong and badminton. Read More

Free Printable Despicable Me and Minions Coloring Pages

Free Printable Despicable Me and Minions Coloring Pages
Steve Carell recently took some time off from The Office, to bring us the box office hit cartoon Despicable Me, complete with fun-sized little yellow minions. If you need free printable coloring pages from the Despicable Me movie, read on. Read More

Free Printable Sudoku Games and Online Sudoku

Free Printable Sudoku Games and Online Sudoku What is sudoku? Sudoku was invented in 1979 and is similar to solitaire and word search. Players must fill in number one to ten in vertical and horizontal rows. Here are free printable sudoku games and online sudoku. Read More

Free Mozilla Firefox App- Personal Organizer and Calendar Software

Free Mozilla Firefox ReminderFox Add-On: Calendar, Personal Organizer, Planner I'm discovering daily how much I love Mozilla Firefox as an internet browser. Mozilla Firefox is a free browser that offers lots of great free add-ons. ReminderFox is a useful personal organizer, to-do list, planner and calendar add-on. Read More

Back to School and College with Free NOOKstudy Download from Barnes and Noble

Back to School College Prep Activities: Free Barnes and Noble Nook Study Download Each year more textbook choices become available for college students. Renting, e-textbooks and digital downloads are provide more options. Barnes and Noble offers a free download called 'NOOK Study', free e-books and homework help. Read More

Free Printable Garfield Coloring Pages and Games

Free Printable Garfield Coloring Pages, Games and Activities Garfield the cat, Odie the dog and Jon Arbuckle are cartoon creations of Jim Davis. The newspaper comic strip Garfield is shown in newspapers around the world. Here are free printable Garfield coloring pages.
Read More

Free Printable Peter Rabbit Games and Craft Activities

Free Printable Peter Rabbit and Beatrix Potter Character Crafts and Coloring Pages Beatrix Potter, born 1866, is best known for her kids book series The Tale of Peter Rabbit, featuring little woodland creatures. Here are free printable Peter Rabbit and Beatrix Potter character coloring pages and crafts. Read More

Free Game Download--Dark Tales Edgar Allan Poe Murders in the Rue Morgue

Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe's Murders in the Rue Morgue Free Download and Gaming Tips Okay, I admit it. I'm a murder mystery addict. Especially vintage and history murder mystery. Big Fish Games makes great murder mystery online and video games. Download a free trial of Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe's "Murders in the Rue Morgue." Read More

Play Online Video Games to Raise Money for Global Relief

Play Free Online Video Games that Give': Donate to Charity While You Play Like it or not, video games, computer games and online gaming are here to stay. Most of us have a game of choice that we like to play and relax. How would you like to help a good cause by playing computer games? Donate food to charity while you play.
Read More

Free Printable Disney Princess Games, Craft Activities

Free Printable Disney Princess Games,  Crafts Activities, Greeting Cards and Party Supplies Disney's princesses, Ariel the Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and now Tiana have been childrens' favorites for generations. Here are free printable Disney princess craft activities, greeting cards and party supplies. Read More

Despicable Me Steve Carell and Minions

Despicable Me with Steve Carell- Superbad, Superdad with Fun-sized Minions
The date, July 9, 2010. The mission: help three little orphan girls Edith, Margo and Agnes prevent superbad evil scientist Gru (Steve Carell) and his minion multi-pack from stealing the moon and find his inner dad. 'Despicable Me' at your local theater.
Read More 

Free Printable Disney Toy Story 3 Games, Craft Activities and Party Supplies

Free Printable Toy Story 3 Games, Coloring Pages, Crafts, Toys and Activities
Raise your hand if you can't wait until June 18, 2010. Why? Because that's when Disney Pixar's Toy Story 3 hits the big screen, in 3D. Cant' wait to see Woody, Buzz all your Toy Story friends? Here are free printable Toy Story craft activities. Read More

Free Printable FIFA World Cup Coloring Pages

Free Printable FIFA World Cup Coloring Activities The World Cup 2010 soccer matches are gathering a record number of viewers. Do you love soccer? Would you love to watch or play in the World Cup soccer tournament some day? Here are free printable World Cup soccer coloring pages. Read More

Free Printable Bingo Games- Customize

Free Printable Bingo Games for School, Parties, Holidays Bingo is one of the oldest and most beloved board games. Bingo games can be converted into an endless number of configurations. Teachers use bingo games to teach content. Here are free printable bingo games. Read More

Free Game Site at AGame: Fun and Educational

Free Safe Online Game Website: AGame In the world of technology and online game play, it's difficult for parents to know which game websites have safer gaming options for children. Here is a game website that offers fun, free games for kids in upper elementary and middle school. Read More

Free Printable Charlie Bone Games, Activities

Free Printable Charlie Bone Games, Jenny Nimmo: Review and Free Activities In 2002, British author Jenny Nimmo gave us Midnight for Charlie Bone. The Charlie Bone books series has grown to six and is finding a delighted audience with children and teens. Here are links for free Charlie Bone activities and games. Read More

Free Murder Mystery Game Download, Play Agatha Christie 'Peril at End House' Online Game Free

Free Murder Mystery Game Download: Agatha Christie Peril at End House Free Trial Do you love playing detective and trying to solve mysteries? I love vintage murder mystery games, based on books. Why not try your sleuthing skills on this free trial download of Agatha Christie's Peril at End House? Read More

Free Educational Game 'Whizz Wordz' at Addicting Games

Free Educational Online Word Puzzle Gaming- Whizz Wordz Since my daughter's Webkinz account expired I can't play Cash Cow 2, I searched online games. I don't like most online gaming, action, shooter, MMORPG, but I love word puzzles. Addicting Games Whizz Wordz is free to play and my new fave. Read More

Free Printable Memorial Day Games and Activities

4th of July Free Printable Coloring and Games Memorial Day honors our beloved dead as well as fallen soldiers and those who perished in the line of duty. Need some easy free printable games to explore and commemorate Memorial Day? Here are free printable games, coloring pages and activities to enjoy. Read More

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