Free Printable Preschool Board Games, Learning Activities

As a certified special needs teacher for CI (cognitively impaired) students, I always write interactive lesson plans. Hands-on activities, like games, make content relevant, approachable and understandable for both general and special education students. Preschool kids particularly need multisensory learning activities. Happily, there are many free printable preschool games available online. Free Printable Preschool Board Games, Learning Activities

Free Educational Board Games to Print

I've got a thing about making learning fun. My heart goes out to kids when homework is boring and worksheets rote and repetitive. It's become my magnum opus to find or make activities that students will learn from and enjoy. I guarantee, that when concepts are made interesting and lessons interactive and hands-on, teachers have fewer discipline problems. I began teaching in 1985 and homeschooling in 1995. We didn't have the wealth of materials available online. Oh ye of the internet generation, take advantage of those resources. Here are links for free printable games to teach just about any content imaginable, from alphabet to zoology! These games are suited to preschool, kindergarten, early elementary and special education. My CI students adored bingo, matching, and file folder games like these! Get double fun making craft-games. Print and let kids cut, color, paste and assemble. Two lessons in one! To get them, click  Free Printable Preschool Board Games, Learning Activities

Free Printable Oceanography, Sea Creatures Worksheets

Animal habitats and earth biomes are popular subjects in school curriculum. Depending on your school's science program, kids will study different habitats in various grades of their school career. In high school, wildlife biology classes look in-depth at earth biomes. Oceans are a favorite biome with kids. If you're studying oceanography or marine biology in school, here are free printable lesson plans and science worksheets. Homeschool parents, you can use these too. Free Printable Oceanography, Sea Creatures Worksheets 

Free Printable Dinosaurs Worksheets, Crafts, Games

Dinosaur science is a common preschool and elementary school theme. Young kids will love this free printable dinosaur coloring book. It's reprinted from the American Museum of Natural History. Kids can color dinosaur skeletons of Velociraptor, Protoceratops, Redondasaurus, Seismosaurus, Oviraptor and Tarbosaurus. These dinos are less well-known in this animal kingdom and fewer image are available.  Free Printable Dinosaurs Alive Lesson Plans, Coloring Pages

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