Free Printable 4th of July Games, Puzzles, Crafts

Kids, do you want free printable 4th of July games and puzzles? I know sometimes adults parties get boring and you need some fun stuff to do. Or maybe it's rainy and cold and you have to stay inside. Boring! So color these American themed coloring pages, make some patriotic crafts, like paper flags. Or play history word searches or crossword puzzles. It'll give you something to do till the fireworks. Free Printable 4th of July Cut and Paste Paper Crafts and Activities

Free Printable Educational Cut and Paste Crafts and Games

Summer is an excellent time to explore the wonderful world of free printable projects and activities. Cut and paste activities are perfect for day care, kids at home, road trips, rainy day fun and summer craft camps. During the summer, teachers and homeschoolers have an opportunity to make educational games and activities for their classrooms. Free printable activities are the perfect resource for educational games. Free Printable Educational Cut and Paste Projects and Activities

Free Father's Day Activities, Games Kids and Dad Can Do Together

Father's Day is about dads and their children spending quality (and hopefully quantity) together. It's not about fancy gifts or spending a lot of money or throwing the perfect bash. Kids should help out with planning. Keep kids productively busy, actively learning by involving them in holiday planning. Here are free or cheap activities, crafts and games the littlest of children can do with daddy.  Free Father's Day Activities, Games Children Can Do With Daddy

Free Kid Concoctions Science Recipes, Experiments

Kid Concoctions is a children's TV show that show kids how to make neat science recipes and concoctions using household ingredients. Kids love to muck about doing experiments from the kitchen cupboard? If you visit the website you can sign up for a free membership with access to printable chemistry experiments and special pricing on recipes and science equipment. I got a book and supplies set for $10!  It shows how to make putty, dough, glue, edible concoctions, paint, sidewalk chalk, flubber, gak splat (from the early Nickelodeon days), Oobleck, chemistry compounds, science goodies with everyday stuff.  Kid Concoctions: TV Show, Website, Books and Activities

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