Labor Day games for kids with American history lesson plans

Looking for Labor Day party games and crafts for kids? Here are U.S. history activities and educational patriotic party games. Use these for Memorial Day, 4th of July parties and American history lesson plans, too. Don't make games too competitive so everyone can have fun without pressure to win.

Labor Day Scavenger Hunt: List 20 American themed symbols: flag, scroll for Declaration of Independence, statue of Liberty, elephant, donkey, bald eagle, bell, stars, globe, penny, nickel, dime, quarter, star stickers. Collect items that represent American products: wheat, corn, cars, cattle, fruit. Collect logos of American companies. List 50 items to symbolize each of the fifty states. Put one of each symbol per child in a zippered bag. Hide them around the yard. Give each player a list and a plastic bag. As child finds each, he takes one and puts in his bag. Or put a piece of paper near each for him to sign his name as he finds the item. You could also do this with occupations, using symbols for jobs. 

Red, White and Blue Rover. Give each player a job title and divide players in two groups. Each group links hands and takes turns calling for one person from the other side to try to break through the chain. For example: "Red Rover, Red Rover, let the postal worker come over." For Memorial Day or 4th of July, give each player the name of one of the 13 colonies: Delaware, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, North and South Carolina, New York, Georgia, Virginia, New Jersey. New Hampshire and Maryland. For Veterans Day, use various armed services or military titles. 

Labor Day eraser tag. Divide into two teams. Assign a kid on each team job titles: two teachers, factory workers, etc. Kids place one of their shoes in the center of the circle. When their job is called, both children with title rush to grab their shoes and return to their lines without the other tagging. Award points like this: two points for getting your shoe back home without getting tagged. Three points if you get your opponent's shoe. One point if you tag your opponent before she's safe behind the line. 10 points if you get both shoes. Lose 5 points if you grab the wrong shoe!  For Memorial Day or Veterans Day, make two sets of signs with the six branches of the United States armed services: Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard and National Guard.

Labor Day charades. Write job titles on slips of paper and give to players. Choose active jobs like cashier, server, farmer. Each acts out the work performed. Students works in teams to act out and guess what job is being enacted.For 4th of July or Memorial Day, use names of famous Americans, events, movies, books in history. 

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